No-code campaigns and bots

Our code-free campaign builder and interactive mini-bots make it easy to authentically deliver marketing communications - to leads and loyal customers alike - at scale.


Our AI understands what your customers are saying and uses Natural Language Processing and advanced analytics to recommend how to improve - strengthening your ability to manage 2-way, personalized communications 

Analysis and smart reporting

We analyze every stage of the the campaign funnel to pinpoint customer drop-off, most vs least clicked buttons, and more so you can identify customer needs and get smarter over time.

Audience building

As you amass detailed customer feedback, data & insights, Connectly enables you to intelligently segment, target and remarket to specific audiences to increase conversion.



We build for businesses and developers like you

For Businesses

Unified Inbox

Our omnichannel inbox integrates your messages across WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram to fuel internal collaboration.

For Businesses

Multi-agent access

We use machine learning to interpret and prioritize inbound messages, tagging in the appropriate agents so they know what actions to take.

For Businesses

Smart widget

Empower your customers to select their preferred message channel - our omnichannel products will consolidate all messages in one place.

For Developers

Integration friendly

Connectly easily integrates with the rest of your stack - including CRMs, Shopify, help desks and more - so you can deliver personalization at scale.

For Developers

WhatsApp Business Platform

As a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, Connectly has access to the WhatsApp Business API, and tools that help developers build meaningful WhatsApp experiences.

For Developers

Connectly Messaging API

Our omnichannel messaging API enables you to activate marketing campaigns across WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger, and Instagram, all from the same place.

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