Products that drive conversion and satisfaction

For Businesses

Grow your business in-thread

Our cloud platform uses consumer-favorite channels to prompt customer action. Share incentives and offers, product launch updates, app download requests and more.

For Businesses

Take the “work” out of “workflows”

Save time and capture important information by automating time-intensive tasks. Confirm appointments, get survey feedback and deliver OTP.




For Businesses

Run no-code broadcast campaigns

Our code-free campaign builder makes it easy to plan and activate personalized, message-first marketing initiatives.

For Businesses

Save time with AI-powered bots

Connectly’s copy-and-paste bots simplify how you respond to common questions, and use machine learning to prioritize threads.

For Businesses

Automated Notifications

Businesses can send automated alerts and notifications to share order status updates, appointment reminders and more while achieving 100% delivery rate for a fraction of traditional messaging costs

For Businesses

Dashboard with insights & recommendations

Giving you a holistic view of critical data, our real-time dashboard connects the dots between messages and sales by tracking trends over time - like channel usage and engagement with new and returning customers.

For Businesses

Multi-agent conversation management

Our tools can be operated by multiple agents at once to drive collaboration and efficiency. The inbox uses machine learning to prioritize messages, categorizing and assigning tasks while maintaining an asynchronous thread.

For Developers

Connectly easily integrates with the rest of your stack

Our widget enables customers to engage with your business - across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and SMS - while merging seamlessly within your Shopify-powered inbox, so you can identify your customer from their first message.

For Developers

WhatsApp Business Platform

As a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, Connectly has instant, direct access to the WhatsApp Business API, and a suite of tools that help developers build meaningful WhatsApp experiences.

For Developers

Connectly Messaging API

Instant omnichannel messaging API access such as WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger, and Instagram, all in one place.

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