Products that solve for every stage of the funnel
Connectly’s distinct suite of products reduce complexity by centralizing, automating and optimizing every customer connection at every stage of their journey.

Site widget prompts customer engagement and unified inbox centralizes messages

Our widget lives on your homepage so customers can engage with your business via their preferred message platform - across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and SMS - while merging seamlessly within your unified inbox on the backend. 

Multi agent access and conversation management

Built for multiple user access, our tools drive collaboration and efficiency. The centralized inbox’s tagging function simplifies how team members respond to customer messages, simplifying how they categorize and assign tasks while maintaining an asynchronous thread.

CRM Integration Leverages Shopify customer profiles

Our Shopify-powered CRM provides you with comprehensive customer profiles containing historical context including message history, contact information, average spend, last order placed and preferred messaging channels. The integration also makes it easy to close message-driven sales.

WhatsApp Business API Access and UI Development

As a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, we are able to expedite your access to the WhatsApp Business API. This means assigning your business with a dedicated WhatsApp number, creating your business profile and user interface, and getting your business up and running with the tools you need to manage your customer messages.

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Automated Notifications

Businesses have the ability to activate automated alerts and notifications via WhatsApp to keep customers updated on order status, appointment reminders and more while achieving 100% delivery rate for a fraction of traditional messaging costs

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Lead generation, marketing activation and remarketing capabilities

Connectly offers a full-funnel solution, starting at the top. We see messaging as the most successful source of conversion, and give you the tools to capture new leads and fuel your marketing database. To maximize these functionalities, our segmentation and targeting capabilities enable you to deliver personalized campaigns over SMS and WhatsApp to convert leads and incentivize loyal customers.

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Dashboards with insights and recommendations on how to run your business

Giving you a holistic view of critical data including number of open tasks, messages exchanged and orders placed, our real-time dashboard helps connect the dots between messages and sales by tracking trends - like channel usage and engagement with new and returning customers - over time.

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