Feature Spotlight: Widget & Inbox

October 19, 2021
Connectly.ai staff

Ever wonder how we got started? Our CEO and co-founder, Stefanos Loukakos, spent 5 years at Facebook leading the Messenger business, and he saw a huge opportunity to create a set of products to help businesses navigate the plethora of messages they were receiving daily across so many different platforms.  Meanwhile, our CTO and co-founder, Yandong Liu - who was most recently CTO at popular fitness app Strava - had a similar vision.  While on the growth team at Uber, Yandong leveraged SMS to onboard drivers at a time when supply was increasingly short.  By applying a personalized, automated signup process, Yandong’s team was able to raise the success rate by 30%. Needless to say, when Stefanos and Yandong met each other through a mutual founder friend, the Connectly magic began.

First on the list was a quick solve for businesses to centralize their existing customer communications, while driving even more engagement.  This came into fruition in the form of the two products:

  • Unified Inbox: A platform that houses all business communication - across WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram - in one simple, easy to navigate inbox.  Doubling as a CRM by integrating with Shopify, businesses can understand each customer from their first message by accessing critical data including customer names and contact information, as well as past sales and conversation history.
  • Website Widget: Our widget lives on your website to prompt engagement, giving you the flexibility to feature the channels your customers use the most, and empowering your customers to select their preferred method of communication.  

When activated in unison these products are a powerful combination; the widget has the potential to serve as the gateway to greater customer engagement, while connections are seamlessly merged within your inbox on the backend.  A simplified, frictionless experience for businesses and customers alike.

So, what are you waiting for?