Connectly helps businesses use messaging to unlock revenue
Our easy-to-use tools promote meaningful 2-way conversations in the channels your customers use the most. Businesses of all sizes can deliver personalized, automated alerts and notifications, simplifying how you find new customers, sell your products & services, and manage the myriad tasks associated with the customer experience.
As a designated WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, Connectly’s AI-powered tools seamlessly consolidate your messages so you can automate, segment, remarket and sell to your customers - all within their thread of choice.

What we do

Connectly simplifies how message-first businesses turn customer connections into revenue.
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What we know


WhatsApp has 2.5B+ monthly active users who send 100B+ messages each day


⅓ of all Smartphone users have WhatsApp downloaded


>80% of people perceive a business positively if they can message them directly

What we are solving

Building for SMBs

Connectly is uniquely positioned to supply SMBs with the tools they need to access the WhatsApp API and leverage messaging as a key marketing channel.

Meeting customers where they are

Connectly builds technology that enables customers to message you from their favorite platforms while seamlessly integrating on the backend.

Filling the personalization gap

Connectly is a future-proof solution for businesses looking to retain 1:1 personalized connections, while providing a frictionless experience for customers & businesses alike.

Why people love Connectly

“Connectly has raised the bar for how we engage and market to our customers.The SMS campaigns we've ran using Connectly products have delivered a 15x better CTR than the email marketing we've ran in parallel to the same audiences. Connectly is an indispensable partner and is greatly impacting the growth of our business.”

Danny Ressler, Head of Growth, More Labs

Global Footprint

Connectly’s growing team is 100% remote, operating across North America, Europe and Asia and serving businesses from all over the world. Our geographically dispersed model arms us with deep regional insights and enables us to build messaging solutions that solve for the common needs of a diverse customer base.