Connectly gives each industry superpowers

We all need the right tools to succeed, that's why Connectly provides you with a no-code, ready-to-use platform to get the word out promoting a two-way conversation with your audience.


Marketing campaigns crafted for a WhatsApp-first world. Get the message out to the right audience, build outstanding customer loyalty through 2-way conversation, and make sure no sale is ever lost.

"With Connectly we had 80% less rider issues thanks to their WhatsApp automation. I can't recommend it enough!"
Aspa Lekka
COO & Founder at JOKR


Building trust with your customers has never been easier. With Connectly you can send automated appointment reminders, collect valuable information, send customer satisfaction surveys and get feedback in minutes.

“Thanks to Connectly, now we have a platform with multi-agent access and bots to automate responses. Interacting with our customers has never been easier and faster, requiring less time and effort.”
Dr. David Pares
Founder and Medical Director at ISA Lab

Education & Edtech

Students all around the world will now hear from you through WhatsApp, their favorite communication channel. Keep them updated personalized notifications, provide them with guidance and mentorship.

"The partnership that makes the difference in our business is one that is willing to work together. That is what we find with Connectly's team."
Carolina Simon
Head of Sales at Awari

Finance & insurance

WhatsApp end-to-end encription makes it the best channel to reach your customers and handle sensitive information. You can deliver notifications, one time passwords (OTP), customer feedback surveys, and gather customer data with automated AI-powered bots.

"The great thing about Connectly is that it helps us reach our customers through their favorite channel, WhatsApp, instantly creating a deeper bond with them. Also, who knew automating campaigns and gathering customer feedback at scale could be so easy!"
Marcela Porcell
Growth Manager at Treinta

Telecom & Media

Smoothly interact with your audience and help them get the best out of your service. Notify them when their balance is low, onboard users to the plan that fits them best, share exclusive offers, and renew or upsell programs.

We rely on Connectly’s no-code tool to segment our user base and send the right message to the right people. Their technology allows us to make on-the-spot recommendations and accept payments, all on WhatsApp! Onboarding was so quick and simple, and the team guided us on every step of the way.”
Top Indonesian Telecom operator


Omnichannel messaging has never been easier. From offline to online, reach your customers through their favorite channel, increase sales, segment your audience according to your needs, strenghten your online community, and drive traffic to your store.