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Our code-free platform lets you create campaigns and interactive mini-bots to easily automate two-way conversations - to both leads and loyal customers - at scale.

Increase in revenue

Increase conversions

People want to be reached across their favorite channels. Connectly’s interactive WhatsApp campaigns deliver personalized messages that inspire action. Convert prospects into buyers through conversation, while optimizing your strategy with our powerful data insights.

Engagement rate

Engage customers

Connectly helps you to capture customer attention while creating valuable touchpoints at every stage of their lifecycle. Promoting a personalized two-way conversation allows users to choose their own buyer journey, resulting in unprecedented conversion rates and 99% lower spam flagging

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Improve customer satisfaction

Connectly’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) uses AI to give you actionable data insights to better understand and predict your user’s needs and behavior. This helps to cut through the noise, reduce your average time per ticket, and increase customer satisfaction.

Response rate

Save time with automation

Save time and capture important information by automating time-intensive tasks. Connectly’s copy-and-paste bots simplify how you respond to common questions, and uses machine learning to prioritize threads. Confirm appointments, improve your onboarding process, get survey feedback, answer FAQs, deliver one time passwords (OTP), and more.

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Segment your audience

Reach the right person with the right message. As you gather customer data, insights, and feedback, Conneclty helps you to intelligently segment your audience through personalized tags and filters. This allows you to better target and remarket them while increasing conversions.

increase in conversion with personalization

Make data-driven decisions

Measure the metrics that matter to uplevel your strategy. Our real-time dashboard connects the dots between messages and sales. You’ll have visibility into critical data that enables you to keep up with trends, optimize for efficiency, and  get to know your customers better based on their behavior.

Why people
love Connectly
of time saved in
bureaucratic operations

"Connectly facilitated the process of closing sales by 75% and allowed us to save up to 85% of time in bureaucratic operations, which were previously done manually, helping our team to pay attention to strategic problems"

Henrique Calandra
Walljobs CEO
response rate and
streamlined workflows

“Connectly has transformed how we capture customer feedback. By automating how we send satisfaction surveys over WhatsApp, we’ve improved CSAT, achieved a 50%+ response rate and streamlined workflows that took many hours to minutes.

David Pares
Founder & Chief Medical Officer, ISA Lab
decrease in
no shows

"Connectly gave us fast access to the WhatsApp Business API through their Message API.  They were responsive, made the integration process seamless, provided clear documentation and set us up so that sending out notifications is effortless and effective.”

Miguel Angel Luevano
Co-founder, Brikerr

“With Connectly’s amazing tool and expert support, we grew our revenue per message up to 10X in LatAm. We wouldn’t have these results without them!”

Ricardo Contardo Díaz
Head of Marketing One to One at Falabella
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