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Connectly uses AI to simplify how you talk to your customers across WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Drive engagement, increase conversions and make customers happy — all from one place.

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Featured in Forbes

Connectly co-founders Stefanos Loukakos and Yandong Liu explain why messaging is the best channel for converting and retaining customers.

As a designated WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, Connectly has direct access to the WhatsApp Business API.



We build for businesses and developers like you

Connectly helps businesses convert customer connections into revenue. Our cloud platform makes it easy to share incentives and offers, capture feedback, deliver personalized campaigns and more - all within the customer's thread of choice. As a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, we offer developers direct access to the WhatsApp Business API, along with the Connectly API with integrations across WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Why people love Connectly

“Connectly has raised the bar for how we engage and market to our customers.The SMS campaigns we've ran using Connectly products have delivered a 15x better CTR than the email marketing we've ran in parallel to the same audiences. Connectly is an indispensable partner and is greatly impacting the growth of our business.”

Danny Ressler, Head of Growth, More Labs

“"Connectly gave us fast access to the WhatsApp Business API through their Message API.  They were responsive, made the integration process seamless, provided clear documentation and set us up so that sending out notifications is effortless and effective.”

Miguel Angel Luevano, Co-founder, Brikerr

“Connectly has transformed how we capture customer feedback. By automating how we send satisfaction surveys over WhatsApp, we’ve improved CSAT, achieved a 50%+ response rate and streamlined workflows that took many hours to minutes. Connectly understands our business and looks for creative solutions to complex problems. We couldn't do it without them.”

David Pares, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, ISA Lab

"The Connectly team is smart and fast.  Working on a tight timeline, they built a bot that supports English, Hindi and Hinglish so we can easily communicate with our Indian customers in their preferred language. We were happy that the no-code bot didn't require we have engineering support, causing no disruption to our day to day"

Shruti, CEO, ApnaKlub

Global Footprint

Connectly’s growing team is 100% remote, operating across North America, Europe and Asia and serving businesses from all over the world. This global model arms us with deep regional insights and enables us to build solutions that solve for the common needs of a diverse customer base.

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